I worked with The Shift Network as their Creative Director for a little over two years (2020 - 2022).

I supported Shift with transforming their brand from what you see on the left, to what you see on the right.

This page is one of our last collaborative efforts to greatly improve the company's overall user experience, while keeping the integrity of the new visual identity I introduced.

A central area of focus for me during my time with Shift, was moving the company toward a sustainable course launch system that included page templates that not only appeared beautiful, but were functional, and also time and resource-saving for the whole company.

These were some of our last collaborative iterations.

I redesigned the company's logo, and collaborated to bring it to life.

So many courses, products, events, and festivals were touched during my time with Shift - supporting this video piece for the Film Festival was a highlight.

I was fortunate to play a part in the evolution of the Shift App. From levelling up the overall brand to supporting the UI/UX team.

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