Krysta Francoeur is a globally recognized designer and brand developer with 13 years experience in her craft. Her broad range of expertise includes brand development, digital design, web development, physical product design, creative/art direction, and online marketing.

Highly entrepreneurial, Krysta previously owned an ad agency for 4.5 years in Canada, co-founded a tech startup in South East Asia, and currently runs an international e-commerce space while  continuing design work for select clients.
She works with high-level personalities and brands looking to stand out, tell an engaging story to connect with their consumers, develop products that outshine the competition, and level up their online presence.


Digital campaign development 

Marketing plan development

Project management of your current creatives / developers / copywriters / marketers
(or source a team for you) for perfect cohesion and flawless implementation

Product design and development 

Creative / Art Direction

Product / Book Launch
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