I'm Krysta, a globally recognized designer and brand developer with 13 years experience designing ALL the things. I have a broad range of expertise including brand development, digital design, web development, physical product design, creative/art direction, and online marketing.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart – owning an ad agency for 4.5 years in Canada, co-founding a tech startup in South East Asia, and currently running an international e-commerce space while continuing design work for select clients.
I work with high-level personalities and brands looking to stand out, tell an engaging story to connect with their consumers, develop products that outshine the competition, and level up their online presence.

- My Jam -

Digital course design 

Marketing Funnel Designs That Convert

Project management of your current creatives / developers / copywriters / marketers
(or source a team for you) for perfect cohesion and flawless implementation

Product design and development 

Creative / Art Direction

Product / Book Design + Launches

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